1"(24mm) Hempex Rope

1"(24mm) Hempex Rope
1"(24mm) Hempex Rope
Item# 24mm-HMPX
12'- 1" (24mm) Hempex Rope: 
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Product Description

A three-strand rope made from polypropylene. It closely resembles best quality fibre hemp rope. We offer high quality Hempex ropes for your upcoming backyard playset project. Our selection of rope products have been tried and tested primarily in the marine rigging industry. Through some investigation we were able to find a high grade rope perfect for use with outdoor play equipment. Hempex has many of the qualities of natural hemp such as texture and strength, however, it last much longer in outdoor applications while maintaining a fine feel. These ropes can be used for railings, swinging ropes, and climbing ropes.

This 1" thick soft handling rope is ideal for children's play equipment. Hand woven hand rails give any playset or tree house an old world look. Itís also useful for deck and garden projects. Sold in 12' lengths. We can accommodate requests for customs lengths.


All ropes used as climbing or swinging ropes should be anchored to the ground.